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Antron Carpet Fiber

Information resource on the manufacture, performance properties, styles, selection and maintenance of carpets made from solution dyed polyamide 6.6 fibers. Extensive technical information and specifications, glossaries of terms, and library of articles. From Invista Corp.
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Artificial Grass

Information resource about the various types of artificial grass, the installation and maintenance, and the applications of the different systems. From Desso Sports Systems. English, Dutch and German.
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Carpet Canada

Portal and company directory of the Canadian carpet industry. Toolbox for interior design. List of books and publications. Guides to carpet selection and care.
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Carpet College

A consumer resource for information on carpets. Construction, fibers and color. Padding and installation. Tips on shopping. From Jim Goddards Carpet Classics company.
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Floor Pro

Automatic floor flatness testing.
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Grazzini Brothers Contractors

Supplying tile, terrazzo, natural stone, and industrial coatings.
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Midwest Floor Covering, Inc.

Supplying commercial surfaces including carpet and rubber, as well as offering installation in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota, USA.
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Surface Technology, Inc.

Planning and installation of high-performance industrial flooring, coating and lining systems.
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The Carpet Buyers Handbook

Online consumer source for carpet information on selection, installation and care. Extensive glossary of technical terms and definitions.
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