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Information for eye patients and for pilots seeking medical certification.
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Camden Contact Lens Centre

Offers spectacles, sunglasses and online shopping facilities
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Contacts and Specs

Chicago optical shop sells high-end designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses online. Also reading glasses. Browse by size, price, frame type, gender. Graphics-intensive.
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Provides information on vision science, vision testing technology, contrast sensitivity, and functional vision.
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Eyeglass Lens Direct

Optical lab specializes in replacing lenses in the customers eyeglass frames. Includes bifocals and multifocal lenses, tinted lenses.
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General Eye Care and Cataract Solutions

Beach Eye Medical Group is a cataract surgery & LASIK center in Orange County, California. Contact our Huntington Beach office for a consultation.
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Glasses 4 Eyes

Offer prescription glasses, sunglasses and re-glazing of your existing frames.
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Online opticians selling prescription glasses. Contains example frames.
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