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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre

Centre of excellence for the provision of holistic natural medicine techniques, for the treatment of all kinds of animals. The first veterinary centre dedicated to Alternative Medicines in the UK.
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Brighten Your Life

Offers an eBook on the methods of bright light therapy for depression and sleep.
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Health Bulletin

Offers alternative, complimentary, and preventive health news. Provides factual health information from leading scientists.
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Houston Animal Acupuncture & Herbs

Offers traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbal medicine.
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Natural Remedies

Features natural remedies for diseases and conditions such as halitosis, amnesia, and allergies.
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Natural Remedies Nurse

Information on homeopathy, herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle remedies for specific illnesses.
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Offers recipes, food guide, as well as health and wellness information, with a focus on holistic, vegetarian, and alternative therapies.
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Practical Mastery Energy Spiritual Healing & Enlightenment

Free spiritual healing and enlightenment sessions. Official website for the Practical Mastery Energy Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment Modality.
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Soil and Health Library

Electronic library of books, mainly concerned with natural hygiene.
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