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BPU Investment Management, Inc.

BPU Investment Management Inc. is a full-service investment firm providing comprehensive products, services and solutions to both individuals and corporate clients.
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Cascadia Revolving Fund

Nonprofit community development fund organization for socially-concerned investors. Provides assistance to unbankable low-income entrepreneurs.
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Domini Social Investments

Manages assets for individual and institutional investors who wish to integrate social and environmental criteria into their investment decisions.
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Ethical Investment Services

Aims to combine investment integrity with superior financial returns by offering clients investment solutions that match their ethical concerns.
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FinArc Investment Management

Provides customized, private account management. Clients are offered ethical screening on investments.
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Forest Enterprises

Investment firm in New Zealand Radiata pine plantation forestry.
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Future Forests Canterbury Limited

Forestry investments in New Zealand and the world.
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Institute For Private Investors (IPI)

Provides research, education and networking forums for individuals with substantial assets and their advisors
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Investment advisor to retail, institutional, and offshore funds.
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Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd.

Specialising in the establishment and professional management of radiata pine forestry for both syndicate and private investors.
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Community site for U.K. active investors, featuring discussion boards, live trading rooms, learning material, competitions, and broker/software comparisons.
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