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Bob Johnsons Computer Stuff

New and used computers, laptops, and hardware.
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Census Computer

Offers a range of products including hard drives, monitors, motherboards, peripherals, notebooks, memory, and more.
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ComputerPlus Sales and Service

Computer sales, maintenance, and repair services in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.
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Computers, hardware, and software direct from a wholesale distributor.
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E.L.I. Incorporated

Sells new, used, and refurbished Digital and Sun hardware including CPUs, memory, communications gear, and video terminals.
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Focus Technology

Reseller of new and used name-brand server equipment. Stocks a large inventory of spares and fully configured systems.
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International Computer Connections

Specialists in HP, Compaq, Dec, and Alpha servers, systems, and options. Provides sales, support, maintenance, service contracts, rentals, and spares.
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Online shop for computer parts, gadgets, geek toys, techie T-shirts, gaming accessories, and computer gifts.
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Microparts USA

Sells computer hardware, including hard drives, memory, power supplies, tape drives, disc controllers, and more.
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Rogers Systems Specialist

Computer hardware accessories, keyboards, ethernet cards, network cables, USB hubs, and more.
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